Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Sleepy Family

So here I am, 11:29 pm at night, doing some last minute laundry so that we'll have actual sheets to sleep on. The news is playing quietly in the living room and I'm listening to a new CD I bought off Amazon for $1.84: Scary Kids Scaring Kids. Funny name, huh? The silly name was behind probably 80% of my motivation to buy the CD. That and it cost less than $2.00. But anyways, on to the real topic of this blog. My cute, precious pregnant wife and my fuzzy, little, gimpy legged, little kitty are passed out in the living room. Angela is sleeping like a rock on our couch, as is her nightly custom. Baggie is curled up in the litte, white bag we received from the maternity store the other day. With everyone sleeping so soundly, I couldn't resist a few pictures.

Every single night since we have had this bag in our house, Baggie has slept INSIDE it. I am not exaggerating one bit. A couple times I've had to take it from her at 1 in the morning because she likes to make it crinkle and I can't sleep with any kind of sound. I'm a paranoid sleeper.

That can't be comfortable.Here you can see the two sleepy girls snoozing together. Aren't they so cute? How did a guy like me end up with the most amazing woman ever created and the fuzziest, cutest, little kitty in the world? It's a miracle!Angela loves me too much to be mad at me for this. Besides, she puts silly pictures of me on her blog all the time. I love you, babe!