Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Brand New Beginning!

I've decided to start my own business! Since our income will soon be changing drastically, I've decided to start my own graphic design business specializing in web sites, logos, and print designs. Because of this change in income, the need has risen for me to take on work outside of my normal 8 - 5 job as a business intelligence consultant.

With that said, I've already kind of began brain storming on a name for this company, but I need some help. So if anyone has any great ideas for a business name, send them my way.

But just because I don't officially have my own business yet, doesn't mean that I'm not already taking on work. I've already completed a site for the Florida Baptist Disaster Relief and God's Creatures Mobile Veterinary Services. I am also currently in the process of designing some graphics for a friend's amateur motorcycle racing team. Then after that I hope to begin work on a site for a small marketing company that has already approached me. So if anyone out there finds themselves in need of a web site for a very affordable price, don't be afraid to drop me a line @ You can leave a comment on this blog, too, but be patient with me please since I'm not on here very often. You could also leave a comment on my wife's blog here, since she checks her blog more frequently.

I'm super excited about starting my own business and look forward to all the exciting work (it's not really work if you love it, is it?) I will hopefully get to do in the future. I have experience designing websites, company logos, letterhead, business cards, brochures, blogs, banners, stickers, menus, and all kinds of other things. As the business grows, I hope to teach Angela my trade and have her take on a bit of the work load when that becomes possible.

Anyways, send me some ideas for some cool, modern, names for my company. Thanks, guys!