Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I've Been Tagged By a Thug!

Ok so my wife isn't a traditional thug, but maybe a craft thug! Or a loves-to-read-books-about-amish-girls thug. Anyways, I was tagged by Angela to list some weird things about myself so here it goes:

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QUIRK 1) When the Jacksonville Jaguars lose a game, I almost can't function. I'm so depressed when the Jags can't pull out the victory. Yes, I know its not healthy to be that emotionally invested in a game.

QUIRK 2) When Angela and I leave the house I can't stand for anyone other than myself to be driving. I don't know if its because I have this crazy need to be in control or I feel like I have to take care of Angela. I just can't stand to not be the one driving.

QUIRK 3) Sometimes I go to movies all by myself. I work from 4 am until about 10 am so I have a large portion of the day to spend by myself. So rather than sitting at home while Angela is at work, I used to go watch action movies since I couldn't go see them with Angela. Turns out Angela hates movies where people get turned into bloody clouds of meat chunks.

QUIRK 4) When I was going to school at the University of North Florida, I would actually spend several hours a day sleeping in my car. I would leave work at 10 am, spend a few hours in class, and then be so tired I couldn't function until I had napped. The house was too far away to warrant driving there and back and I would have class only an hour later so my only option was to sleep in the car. That early morning work schedule screwed me up bad.

QUIRK 5) Late at night when Angela and I get into comfy-mode to eat dinner and watch TV before bed, Angela puts on her pajamas and I put on some jeans. Jeans are my pajama pants. I don't know why but they're just so comfy.

QUIRK 6) Sometimes when Angela and I are kidding around with each other, I'll say the strangest insults to her. For instance, it would not be uncommon in our house for a conversation to go something like this: Angela says, "Dustin, will you pass the salt shaker?" I say, "You're a salt shaker!" I know, it's weird, but that's what we do.

So my 6 bloggers to link to are: Stacie, Madye, Rachel and Dayna. I know thats only 4 but I don't have many blog friends.

Monday, September 29, 2008


So it's official: I have a new job! I am very excited about it, too. As of October 11, 2008 I will no longer be working for UPS. On October 6 I will start working for Pragmatic Works. Pragmatic Works is a small consulting firm that helps other companies make sense out of all the raw data in their databases. Also, I will help train new interns, work a little bit with website development, and also do a little marketing work. I'm so excited that I'll actually be working in the field that I've always wanted to. In highschool I studied a lot of web design and now I'll actually be doing that. Thanks to everyone who was praying for me! I'll keep everyone posted on how the job is going!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Taking a Turn (For the Worse?)

In hopes to draw more readership of my otherwise boring and seldom updated blog, I've resorted to posting exciting and awesome videos of explosions, ninjas, and guns. But in the ensuing aftermath of my most recent "awesome" posts, I noticed that my blogs were not read more and were definitely not commented on more. I've only had 3 comments on my "awesome" video posts: 2 were from my wife because I asked her to and 1 was by Rachel because I addressed her by name.

So I started thinking, "Why aren't more people commenting on my amazingly awesome blogs? I mean, what the heck? They have explosions, ninjas, and guns! What more do they want?!" Then it hit me. My blog is read solely by a bunch of silly girls. Rachel: silly. Stacie: silly. My mom: silly. Dayna: silly. Madye: silly...based only on what I've heard. My wife, Angela: The silliest girl in the world!!! Now that I've got my audience pegged, I should be able to blog more effectively thus increasing your amount of entertainment, as if there was any in the first place. I close with a picture of a cute kitten holding a sniper rifle. The silly girls will enjoy the adorable kitten and I'll enjoy the fact that he's holding a high powered rifle.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Continuing with my theme of videos, I've decided to post a very cool video of combat operations in Afghanistan. The video was filmed from the gun camera on an AC-130 gunship, shown here:

Unlike most attack aircraft, the guns are not situated facing forward. Instead, the AC-130's guns are mounted on the side pointing outward under the wing. This allows the pilot to circle the target from up above while the gunner shoots downward, kinda like shooting fish in a barrel. So without further ado, here is some pretty amazing video of an AC-130 gunship taking out some dirty muslim extremists in Afghanistan. Listen carefully to the chatter as the gunner consciously avoids destroying the mosque. Also, the little white blobs running around are people, and if you look closely you can see pieces of those little white blobs spraying in all directions during the explosions!

With today's technology, it is clearly not a good time to be a terrorist.

PS. Rachel, make sure Jeff watches this video. I know he'll like it!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fun Stuff

In the spirit of things that are manly I've decided to provide you with some very cool videos of things that I enjoy and like. I was inspired to do this post after I read a fellow bloggerettes post about guns. And since I like guns, thats what my first video will be about!

I also like Ninjas! Who doesn't? They're dark, mysterious, nearly invincible, and can kill you before you even know you're dead! This is an especially awesome video from the movie The Last Samurai of ninjas vs. samurai! Bad to the bone!

And finally for my last video, a video of horrific crashes, explosions, and disasters! What could be more awesome than that (not counting ninjas and guns)! Enjoy!

A New Look!

As you can see my blog has been given a face lift! My blog's old look was old and boring so I opted for something a little more futuristic and matrix-y. I'd like to thank my precious wife, Angela, for taking the time to set this up for me. Thanks, babe! You're so hot and so smart all at the same time!

Also, I just wanted to post an update to my current job search. I've finished my training with Brian and am currently searching for somewhere to utilize my new computer skills. I went to a conference on Friday in downtown and was able to network a little bit and send out a few resumes. One of the companies that is currently an option is a company that is literally 3 blocks away from where my wife works! I am really praying that will pan out because there would be nothing better than being able to ride to work with my wife, eat lunch with her every day, and then come home with her! That would be a dream come true. Also, my good friend Devin works at this company, too, so it'd be cool to work with a friend. Any prayers on this area will be greatly appreciated. But only prayers to God the Father of Jesus Christ will be accepted. Not prayers to allah, buddah, or any other imaginary diety. If you're praying to allah or something else on my behalf you're wasting your time. They're not even real. Fake. Just fake. Thanks, everyone!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Opportunity

I know its been a while since I blogged but I've been super busy lately. There's been a lot of good things going on lately and a lot of not-so-good things occurring as well. Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Since I can't hear your response I'll just pick for you.

The BAD News:
A couple of weeks ago while Angela and I were watching the Olympics our television shut off. Yes, the high definition television we bought brand new with some of our wedding money. We'd only had the TV since we were married which hasn't been very long, although it's felt like a long time. Just kidding, baby! Every time we tried to turn the TV back on it would just click over and over again. Not good.

Also, yesterday my fridge died. Everything in the freezer was a total loss as was the majority of goods in the fridge. So right now we are using my little mini fridge that's only about 2 1/2 feet high.

Along with all that, work has been really really rough lately. I'm not even supposed to touch a single package and all they have me do each day is load, load, load. They hire me to do a job and run my area and the management refuses to listen to my suggestions or give me the resources. I'm just about done with this crap and they can sit on a tack for all I care!

The GOOD News:
Even though my nice TV died I still have the 30 inch TV from our bedroom even if it's not HD. So we're using that one in the living room and our spare 19" in the bedroom. The 19" has not AV plugs, no TV remote, and only 1 cable hookup. At least it works.

And even though the fridge is toast my really cool parents have a spare fridge at their old house that they were gracious enough to let us use. It's really nice, has double doors, an icemaker on the front, and best of all its FREEEEEEEEEE!!! The only pain in the butt thing about it is that I have to go get it and it's really heavy.

Finally, even though I just about flat out hate my job right now, a new, fun, exciting, better paying job seems to be looming in the not so distant distance. My friend Devin's brother Brian does IT work and has offered to train me in the ways of IT. He helped Devin along with many of my friends get really good jobs so this whole week I've been hanging out with him and he's been training me. I'm really excited about it. It's going to be a really great opportunity and Angela and I are both excited. Thanks Devin and Brian! You guys are the bomb!

So even though it seems like a lot of bad stuff has happened lately, God continues to make a way for us! What an awesome God we have!