Thursday, September 18, 2008


Continuing with my theme of videos, I've decided to post a very cool video of combat operations in Afghanistan. The video was filmed from the gun camera on an AC-130 gunship, shown here:

Unlike most attack aircraft, the guns are not situated facing forward. Instead, the AC-130's guns are mounted on the side pointing outward under the wing. This allows the pilot to circle the target from up above while the gunner shoots downward, kinda like shooting fish in a barrel. So without further ado, here is some pretty amazing video of an AC-130 gunship taking out some dirty muslim extremists in Afghanistan. Listen carefully to the chatter as the gunner consciously avoids destroying the mosque. Also, the little white blobs running around are people, and if you look closely you can see pieces of those little white blobs spraying in all directions during the explosions!

With today's technology, it is clearly not a good time to be a terrorist.

PS. Rachel, make sure Jeff watches this video. I know he'll like it!


Angela said...

That was pretty cool! Although, I can't promise that I would still have watched the whole thing if I weren't married to you :)

Dusty said...

Thats so sweet of you! Luvya, babe!

Rachel said...

aye-aye pass it along to Jeff! I am sure he will like it as it pertains to the 3 M's- Macho, Military, and Manly!

Sybil said...

Dad would enjoy that.....I like the kitty with the gun :)

Jeffery said...

A good find in deed. I enjoyed watching the hot spots become hotter and the running (that didn't really help them) :o)

Have a kick butt day!