Wednesday, February 25, 2009


It’s a late Friday night in the Philippines. After a long day's work of breaking up fights, suppressing riots, and stopping gang rapes, the prison staff has gathered at a local bar for a night of fun and recreation. With the beer and liquor flowing freely, the following conversation ensues between the Warden and a few of the guards:

Warden: “Violence in the prison is just getting out of hand. We’ve got to figure out a way to keep the inmates from hurting each other. This is just unacceptable.”

Head Guard:”You know, you’re right boss. I had to break up 12 fights today. That’s just too much!”

Guard 1:”Hey! I’ve got a great idea! Now I know you’re going to call me crazy, but hear me out on this. What if we had all the prisoners dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller?”

Everyone: “That’s a great idea!”

And thus the stage is set for the following video:

And just because I know some of you out there think this isn't real:

Friday, February 20, 2009


Every day that passes by, I become more exciting about meeting the little critter growing inside my wife's tiny tummy. I've always liked kids and I've always known that I wanted to have at least 2 or 3 kids of my own, but now that we've actually got one on the way I can barely stand myself.

The other night Angela and I were watching TV. Lately we've been watching the show House. It's a series about this doctor, Dr. House, who is a very smart doctor but kind of lacking in the social skills department. He always treats these very strange medical cases. It's almost like CSI in the fact that they're solving some kind of mystery. Well the other night on House, there were these newborn babies in the hospital. All 6 of them had 2 different kinds of viruses that were making all of them very sick. The doctors only knew of 2 kinds of medicine that would cure the babies but for some reason the medicines were not working. If the doctors could not figure out what was going on soon, the babies would die. They didn't have a lot of time, but they figured out that the 2 medicines were maybe having some kind of conflict with each other. As their final resort, the doctors put 2 babies on both medicines A & B, 2 babies on the medicine A, and 2 babies on the medicine B. They knew that at least 1 baby would die but they didn't have a choice because if they didn't do it all the babies would die. When one of the babies died, they would be able to do an autopsy and figure out what killed that baby and use that information to save the others. The doctors couldn't just go and tell the parents of the babies what they were doing but they tried to at least give the families some hope, even though there was a chance that at least 1 family was going to lose their child.

With a baby on the way, Angela and I just could not help put ourselves in the position of the parents. Needless to say, we were stinkin' bawling. I'm not afraid to admit it. Yes, I cried like a girl. I'm just so excited about meeting this little baby for the first time that I don't know what I'd do if something happened to him or her.

Oh yea, I forgot about telling you guys how the show ended. Well, sadly, 1 baby did die. It was so freaking sad. I can't even describe how I felt as they showed the doctors trying to revive that tiny little life. They tried to shock the heart over and over again but it just didn't work. Of course all the doctor's were just devistated and the parent's were just broken. So the camera zooms out, showing Dr. House just staring at the tiny baby's body lying on the metal table before he did the autopsy. With tears in his eyes, he gently undid the baby's diaper, carefully handling the baby's little legs. Because of what he learned from the autopsy, Dr. House was able to save the other babies. Is that a sad show or what? I'm about to cry just sitting here at work. Don't tell me coworkers. They'll call me names.

But the show ended on a happy note because they showed the parents of one of the babies who lived leaving the hospital. The mother was holding their little boy and his arms and legs were just wiggling around like they had minds of their own. I can't wait for that day. I cannot wait. I just can't wait to hold that little baby, smell that baby smell, feel those miniature fingers wrap around mine, and listen to him/her breath as they sleep. That will be the best day of my life. I have no doubt about that. Man, is God good or what?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blog Designer Pro!

Ok, so maybe I'm not quite a pro at designing blogs, but I'm not completely retarded either. My wife and I have recently had the pleasure of designing some blogs for some friends and I thought now I'd take the chance to showcase some of our designs!

Angela's Blog!
Angela did this design all by her cute little self.

Erin's Blog!
Angela also did this one!

Leah's Blog!
I mostly did this one. Angela did the installation. Thank's babe!

Nikki's Blog!
Angela also gave me a hand with this one. I did the background while Angela did the header and the install.

I am also currently working on another blog design as we speak! I just thought I'd take a break from designing to put up a blog post. When the new design is complete, I'll put up a link to the blog so everyone can check it out.

Also, since I'm nearing completion of my current blog design project, I'm thinking about hosting a give away for another FREE blog makeover by none other than your favorite cute, married couple, Dustin and Angela! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We'll Miss You, Fred.

Yesterday afternoon the Jacksonville Jaguars released their star running back, Fred Taylor. Freddy spent his entire 11 years in the NFL with the Jaguars, which is very rare for players today. He was drafted as a rookie in 1998 and finished his time with the Jaguars with 11,271 rushing yards. He was 16th all-time in the NFL in rushing yards!

Its kind of sad to see Fred go, although it is time to pass the torch to Maurice Jones-Drew. I remember when he joined the team when I was 13 years old! Back then Fred was just a punk with gold teeth and lots of newly aquired money. But Fred quickly matured and became known as the leader of the Jaguars, trading his gold teeth for the "C" patch on his jersey.

It was a good run, Fred. You have the respect and love of the Jaguar Nation. Thanks for the hard work, the inspiration, and the leadership. We'll miss you.

Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm a Dad!

Yep, you read correctly. I am going to be a father! Boy am I excited. I look forward with great enthusiasm to seeing my wife's belly grow, laying in bed at night and feeling the little baby tumble around inside her, and finally holding that tiny life that God has blessed us with!

While I am incredibly excited about the fact that my family is growing, I have become quite nervous and anxious about the fact that I will be completely responsible for that little baby in every way! That is a heavy burden not to be taken lightly! It seems that every day we grow closer to the birth of my child, the impending responsibility becomes more real. Don't get me wrong, I am excited about having the baby. I'm just a little overwhelmed about the responsibilities that come with being a father. I think the thing that I am most specifically nervous about is the spiritual condition of myself, my family, and my child. As the father and husband in my family, its my enormous responsibility to ensure that I am as close to the Lord as possible so that I may lead my family down the straight and narrow path that leads to Christ. If I fail to do that, and my child fails to accept Christ as his/her Savior, I will be responsible for the fact that I let my child go to Hell.

That is a huge responsibility that I must embrace with the help of Christ. Recently, I've tried to become more consistant with my daily quiet time each morning. During my quiet time I take a few minutes in the morning to pray to Jesus, ask His forgiveness of my sins, and ask Him to make me the kind of father and husband that would make Him smile. I know that with the Christ's help, I can be an effective, encouraging, thoughtful, and loving father for my child.

With that in mind, I embrace the challenge of being a parent! I look forward to all the sleepless nights, late night feedings, skinned knees, runny noses, and crayon on the walls! I look forward to spending time with my kid as much as possible. I look forward to football practices (or cheerleader camps) and taking my baby to school each morning. I will cherish every moment with my baby and will thank God for such a blessing. Thank you, Jesus, for blessing my wife and I with a baby! We won't let you down!