Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blog Designer Pro!

Ok, so maybe I'm not quite a pro at designing blogs, but I'm not completely retarded either. My wife and I have recently had the pleasure of designing some blogs for some friends and I thought now I'd take the chance to showcase some of our designs!

Angela's Blog!
Angela did this design all by her cute little self.

Erin's Blog!
Angela also did this one!

Leah's Blog!
I mostly did this one. Angela did the installation. Thank's babe!

Nikki's Blog!
Angela also gave me a hand with this one. I did the background while Angela did the header and the install.

I am also currently working on another blog design as we speak! I just thought I'd take a break from designing to put up a blog post. When the new design is complete, I'll put up a link to the blog so everyone can check it out.

Also, since I'm nearing completion of my current blog design project, I'm thinking about hosting a give away for another FREE blog makeover by none other than your favorite cute, married couple, Dustin and Angela! Stay tuned!


daynagonzalez said...

Do I get one for free like Nikki? I am family you know....I like the color scheme I have, but the design is getting old.

Dustin said...

Yea, I think we can do that. Send Angela an email and tell her what you want.