Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hardees and Their EXCELLENT Service!

So I stopped by Hardees today because my beautiful, moviestar-gorgeous wife scored me a free 1/3 lbs. thickburger coupon. So I pull up to the window of the Hardees located at 491 Blanding Blvd, Orange Park, FL 32073. The overpaid, minimum wage earning, young girl greets me through the speaker.

I tell her, "Hi, I'd like a 1/3 lbs. Original thick burger with no onions and I have a coupon for a free 1/3 lbs. thick burger."

She says, "The coupon say what?"

"Free," I repeat.

"Does it say buy 1 get 1 free or 1/2 off?" she asks.

"No, it says free," I say again. "Free in big white letters. F-R-E-E."

She repeats my order back to me and quotes me a price of $5.XX that includes the full price of the burger and my large coke. So I pull around the corner up to the window.

"$5.XX, please," she asks, as I hand her the coupon.

"Is that the price before or after the coupon?"

"After," she says confidently.

"So I'm paying $5.XX for my large coke?" I inquire.

"Oh." She then proceeds to goof around with the computer.

At this time the manager walks up and starts to ask the girl what she's doing. The girl then explains that I've got a free coupon for my burger and she's trying to adjust the price.

Standing on the opposite side of the cashier, she then yells across her and out the window at me, "You gots to tell us when yo got a coupon when yo' orderin'!"

The cashier says, "He did."

Rather than apologizing or even saying, "Oh," the manager turns around and walks off. The cashier then hands me my food and shuts the window as I'm saying, "Thank you."

Gotta love that Hardee's service!!!


Angela said...

Haha! Nice. But that's why they work at Hardee's and not at Ruth's Chris!

Dustin Ryan said...

Thats whats wrong with minimum wage. Restaurants have to pay high wages to unexperienced workers with no skill which drives prices up all around! Minimum wage sucks!

Angela said...

Okay it's been two weeks, and that is the absolute limit for blog slacking!

Angela said...

I just gave you an award! Stop by my blog to pick it up!

Alice said...

Wow! It sounds like the Taco Bell in Starke.

Jeffery said...

So Free is not free? What does it say? It's like government, you say you want xxx and all they hear is "you want to pay more taxes." or "approve gay marriage." :o) Sorry that you had such a rough time...makes me want BK.