Thursday, July 31, 2008

Its just around the corner!

Football season!!!!!

I can't wait. The time between the end of the Superbowl and the first NFL preseason game is so boring! The only thing that makes the last 2 months before preseason starts bearable is that 1010XL Sports Radio actually starts talking about the Jacksonville Jaguars on a regular basis (not just when one of them gets busted for drugs, dui, hit and run, etc), Jaguars minicamp and training camp are open to the public as well and the Jacksonville Jaguars website is updated on a regular basis.

We're at that point right now. The first Jaguars preseason game is Aug. 9th and I am barely holding myself together. During football season I eat, drink, and sleep football. I know my wife will agree. She just loves to talk about football with me, my Dad, and my brother! NOT! Anyways, she's getting better about football though. She understands most of the rules, who the players are (and not just Jaguars players. She even despises the Colt and those cheatin' Pats), and she knows what the point of the game is! She has her own Maurice Jones-Drew jersey that she wears with pride, along with her Jaguars ear rings, hair clip, and visor! I'm very proud of her. She's almost as die hard a Jacksonville Jaguars fan as I am!

After August 9th, I will be one happy camper... unless the Jaguars lose that week. In that case, my day will be ruined and everyone should avoid speaking to me until further notice.

Go Jaguars!!!!


Angela said...

"Almost as big of a fan"?!? I am as big a fan as you! I wear a Mo-Jo jersey for crying out loud!!! Woo hoo!!

Laura said...

Haha...reading your blog reminds me of listening to my boyfriend. All he can talk about is the beginning of football season and where we're going to watch EVERY game. I'm trying to get more into it...he's even tried to get me to buy a jersey. But of course he is a Miami Dolphins fan...and I stick w/ the Jags!!
We need to get together and watch a game sometime like we did for the playoffs!! I still haven't seen y'alls house ;)