Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Baggie Goes to the Doctor

After talking to Dr. Kelly ( our vet ) on Saturday evening, we've arranged for Baggie's amputation to take place on Wednesday. As soon as Angela gets home from work in a few minutes, we'll load Baggie up in the car and head to Leesburg. Baggie will spend the night at Dr. Kelly's house. In the morning, Dr. Kelly will take Baggie to work with him and perform the procedure.

First they'll x-ray Baggie's furry litte chest and stomach. If no other tumors are spotted, then Baggie's back right leg will be amputated. If, however, any tumors are found in Baggie's chest or stomach, then the amputation will not be performed. We really don't want to put Baggie through any extra stress or pain with only a little time left.

To all our friends who are praying for Baggie, as well as us, thank you. Please keep praying for Baggie. She has a hard road ahead of her. Pray that she will handle the pain well and pray that God will help her to realize that we love her so much and that we will take care of her no matter what. We really just don't want her to be scared. Thank you, everyone. I'll post an update on her status after the procedure.


Sybil said...

Dustin, I will be praying for Baggie. Please try and not to worry. Give it to the Lord....go ahead, Give it to Him. I love you and God Bless.

Rachel said...

We are praying for Baggie! She is a fighter!

Jeffery said...

I miss baggie. So very glad she is doing better.

How are the workouts coming?

See ya in about a week!

Erin said...

So I'm wondering.. how's Baggie doing? I mean, it's only been... um... almost three months?