Friday, May 22, 2009

Baggie Update

So I heard back from the vet, Dr. Kelly, who performed the biopsy on the lump in Baggie's leg.

Turns out that the lump that was between the 2 bones in her calf area is a tumor. It's the bad kind of tumor, too. Dr. Kelly said that this kind of tumor is not usually located on a limb, though. He said typically that he sees this tumor on the body of an animal and not on a limb. But this kind of tumor is an aggressive cancer and usually when they remove a tumor like this one they have to go deep to do it. They remove any bone or muscle touching it and even then that usually doesn't eliminate it.

The good news about the tumor is that it's not the kind of tumor that spreads, typically. It usually just stays in one place. It's also good that they can just remove the leg to get rid of it. If it had been on her body, it probably would be game over. But because it's on the leg, Baggie stands a great chance of coming out of this looking good.

So the plan for this weekend, as of now, is to head down to Leesburg and let them perform an x-ray of her body to make sure the cancer is nowhere else. If cancer is found, we won't do the amputation of her leg because we don't want to put Baggie through that stress and pain if she's not going to make it. If no cancer is found on her body, then we'll go ahead and do the amputation.

Everything I've heard regarding three legged cats has been good. Cats supposedly do very well with only 3 legs, especially if the amputated limb is one of the back ones, which it is in Baggie's case.

So just pray for Baggie, Angela, and I. Pray that the cancer is not anywhere else except for the leg and pray that the procedure to amputate will go smoothly with no complications. She's our little girl and she means so much to us. I know it sounds silly for me to talk about a cat like that, but she's been with us since we were married and she's a part of the family. Just keep Baggie in your prayers, guys. Thanks.


Rachel said...

Praying for Baggie!

Sybil said...

I totally understand....people who arent animal lovers cant understand the joy that an animal gives back to its owner. Dustin, you are your parents son, you get that sensitivty to animals honestly. I remember when your dad had to smack that rat with the broom at Nana's and your surprised little boy response to your dad was, "WHY did you do that". Dad had to give you the little speech about rats carring diseases. I love you son and I'm proud of you. I too am praying for Baggie and U2.
Love Ya!

Erin said...

It doesn't sound silly at all! I know that I would be an emotional wreck if anything were ever to happen to Roxy, Sammi, Cali, or Carly!

Kelly Marie said...

I think having a tail gives cats a unique ability to land on their feet and to balance. We will keep Baggie in our prayers. It does sound as if the tumor being on her leg is a blessing. Hopefully you will have a three-legged little kitty to keep Dally company for several years.