Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Beware the Wii!!!

So I got a Wii.The Wii should come with a warning of some type stating that physical harm, pain, and/or detriment is probable. Since owning the Wii, my wife has pulled a muscle in her arm, her back and side are sore, my arm is numb, I pulled my left butt cheek, and my shoulder is sore. Who would have ever thought video games could be so hazardous? Man, the Wii is a blast, but Geez! I haven't been this beat up since I played football. I think for the next few days I'll stick to the good ole fashioned video games where you just sit on the couch, eat some potato chips, and drink a coke.


Angela said...

Lol! I was going to write about this, but you beat me to it. It's true, folks....I am very sore all over from playing a VIDEO GAME!! But...Mario Kart is very, very fun!

MyKidsMom said...

My kids came back from their uncle's house saying the very same thing.

I wonder how those old people are holding up in the nursing homes they're using the WII in for exercise...of course, they're probably in better shape than the rest of us;)