Thursday, May 8, 2008

100 Things I Thank God For!

In light of my sister-in-law's recent blog about 100 things she is thankful for, I decided to write up my own list in similar fashion. So here it goes.

1. My salvation (without it, whats the point?)
2. My stunningly beautiful wife (I am way out of my league!)
3. Christian parents who saw fit to raise me in church and point me towards God
4. The in-laws who raised my wife to be the Godly woman that she is
5. My little bro
6. My brother and sister in-law (you guys are alright, I guess...)
7. First Baptist Church of Jacksonville (shining the light in a dark world)
8. Dr. Brunson laying down the Word (its a dirty job but someones gotta do it)
9. Christian friends who encourage and strengthen me with their love for Christ
10. The freedom this country offers (even the freedom to be completely stupid. See: "insert left wing nut job here")
11. The guys and gals in the armed forces so I can sleep at night not wondering if I'll wake up in a pile of rubble and body parts ("People sleep peaceably in their beds at night because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf." - George Orwell)
12. President Bush (sometimes doing the right thing is unpopular and it takes a real man to make those kind of decisions)
13. Baggie! (our little, black kitty is so cute I just wanna squish her and rub her and pet her and cuddle her and kiss her and....)
14. The opportunity to go to school
15. My job (even though sometimes I hate it)
16. The Greatest Generation (Thank you with all my heart to the men and women who paid in blood to defeat evil)
17. The Jacksonville Jaguars!!!! Go Jaguars! Whooooooooo!
18. The internet (not counting all the bad stuff out there)
19. Sirloin Steak with
20. Loaded Bake Potato and a
21. Loaded Sweet Potato (A baked sweet potato with marshmallows and cinnamon butter is awesome!)
22. Being an American
23. my mental health (you'd understand if you'd talk to my dad for 2 min...J/K Dad, I love you!)
24. the money God has given us (sorry when I squander it, Lord!)
25. Honda (best vehicles on the planet)
26. video games (what could be better than tons of fun in the comfort of your home while sitting on the couch and enjoying a soda?)
27. My wife's sense of humor,
28. smile,
29. gorgeous, brown (I mean blue!) eyes,
30. and her amazingly, sexy body (I know she'll be embarrassed but I can't NOT put it on here)
31. And on that note: Sex. (I'd be lying to myself and my wife if this wasn't on here. She'd think an alien wrote this blog if I left it out. Sorry, guys.)
32. But most of all my wife's love (She is good to me!)
33. Police (even if you pull me over when I'm not speeding)
34. Fire Dept.
35. EMT's
36. movies (Yay for ninjas, pirates, explosions, and shoot-outs)
37. beef supreme gorditas
38. Being able to pay the bills.
39. Safe, reliable vehicles for my wife and myself to drive
40. my physical health
41. hot showers (not the kind near boiling temperatures like my wife enjoys)
42. The Right to Bear Arms (I dare you to break into my house.)
43. Spaghetti (even though my wife is tired of it)
44. God allowing me to make mistakes (if I were God I'd have been dead a long time ago) and
45. God's forgiveness (even though I am habitually stupid)
46. Naps with my
47. soft pillow and
48. water bed that are just heavenly!
49. hot wings (You know they're good when your sweat is spicy!)
50. My wife's sexy body
51. My sight! (What good would a hot wife be without it?)
52. Clint Eastwood movies (Do you feel lucky, punk? Well? Do ya?)
53. Driving alone on a dark road at night with myself and the Lord and no one else for miles
54. Pizza (thank you Ninja Turtles)
55. Creating art
56. Football season! (NFL only, college is a joke until they get a playoff system)
57. the computer game Age of Empires (1, 2, and 3)
58. pulled pork at Mojo's BBQ
59. music
60.The death of Jesus and
61. the resurrection of Jesus (Just so a bunch of losers who may or may not love him would simply have a chance at life! Astounding!)
62. Cookies and
63. hugs (you thought I was going to say milk, didn't you?)
64. milk
65. Quarters (its always so exciting to find one in my car!)
66. Laughing
67. the time spent with my Papa (best man who ever lived)
68. My concealed weapon permit (threaten my wife's safety and see if you end up anywhere other than ICU or the morgue)
69. jeans (they're so comfy!)
70. The show Cops (so thats what happens if you run from, fight with, and lie to the police!)
71. An ice, cold Coke on a hot day
72. my Dad coaching me in little league sports (thanks Dad! You taught me so much!)
73. ice cream with
74. sprinkles (the kind that is really just colored sugar)
75. a fast metabolism (with out I'd weigh 842.2 lbs by now)
76. being able to tell time on an analog clock
77. My big, comfy couch
78. A wife who knows how to cook! (Required in the south.)
79. Zombies not being real (or are they?)
80. Tom Clancy novels
81. Batman
82. Warm, sunny days spending time at
83. swimming pools (the fun of the beach minus the sandy feeling in your butt crack)
84. The way my wife smells so dang, good! (I'm so glad she showers)
85. Being able to help people in need
86. Being literate
87. Living in the south (the weather, the water, and the women, er... just my wife now!)
88. 1010XL Sports Talk Radio
89. my new Wii (so much fun but beware muscle pulls)
90. tennis shoes
91. Dr. Pepper
92. real Doctors
93. the fact that no more new episodes of Friends will ever be filmed
94. My wife's smokin' hot body (did I say that one already?)
95. the rain
96. The Kay's (great Sunday school teachers!)
97. rollie pollies (they're so cool!)
98. The day our loud next door neighbor moved
99. My computer (without it bills would never get paid on time)
100. The after taste root beer leaves in your mouth! Yum!

So there ya have it, folks. 100 things that I am truly thankful for. I have so much to be thankful for that even when life stinks I should never cease to praise and thank God for all that he has blessed me with!


Angela said...

76. being able to tell time on an analog clock

Hey now!

daynagonzalez said...

41. Owen thinks my showers are boiling hot, too!

Also, I'm glad you love my sister so much, but come on! Other ppl read this blog, too ya know!

Dusty said...

Well I could just write a blog full of lies. Would that be better?

Sybil said...

I'm thinking....did I miss something juicy?? lol

Just wanted to pop in and say I have the best son's....Thanks sweety for lunch and time, love ya! :)